Articles in Trade Journals

"Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope in Research", Technical Textiles International, July/August 2002, pp19-21. [Joint Author]

"Textiles Make Solar Cells that are Flexible and Lightweight", Technical Textiles International, December 2002, pp5-6. [Joint Author]

"Surface Nanostructures Seen by Atomic Force Microscopy", Technical Textiles International, May 2004, pp 33-35. [Joint Author]

"Looking at Nanostructured Fibres in Atomic Force Microscopes", Technical Textiles International, September 2004, pp21-23. [Joint Author]

"Attracting Students to Technical Textiles - a Vital Challenge", Technical Textiles International, October 2004, pp3-6.

"The Functionalization of the Surfaces of Polymer Nanofibres", Technical Textiles International, December 2005, pp21-23. [Joint Author]

"Uses of Textiles in Medical Devices", Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Technology, April 2006, pp32-35.

"Developments in Textiles", Medical Device Technology, October 2006, pp32-35.


Papers in Refereed Journals

"Intelligent Textiles", Review of Progress in Coloration, 2001,31,36.

"Ex-Situ and In-Situ Observation of Polypropylene Fibres by Scanning Electron Microscopy", Journal of Materials Science, 2003,38,2161 [Joint Author] – taken from a presentation at the Polymer Fibres 2002 Conference, Manchester, 2002.

"Probing the Morphology of Polypropylene Fibres by Scanning Probe Microscopy", Polymer, 2003,44,89. [Joint Author]

"Evaluation of Nonwoven Polypropylene Oil Sorbents in Marine Oil-Spill Recovery", Marine Pollution Bulletin, 2003,46,780. [Joint Author]

"Synthetic Fibres Studied by Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy", Microscopy and Analysis, 2003, 95(May),9. [Joint Author]

"Dynamic Wetting of Fibers Observed in the Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope (ESEM)", Textile Research Journal, 2003,73,557. [Joint Author]

"ESEM Study of Oil Wetting Behaviour of Polypropylene Fibres", Oil and Gas Science and Technology, 2003,58,593. [Joint Author]

"ESEM Study of Size Removal from Ceramic Fibers by Plasma Treatment", Applied Surface Science, 2003,220,217. [Joint Author]

"Design of Textile Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering: the Use of Biodegradable Yarns", International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology, 2004,16,184 [Joint Author] – taken from a presentation at the International Design and Engineering Conference, INTEDEC 2003, Edinburgh, 2003.

"The Influence of Fibre Processing Parameters on the Structural Properties of As-Spun Polypropylene Filaments: a Factorial Design Approach", Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2004,93,568. [Joint Author]

"New Approaches to Characterisation of Textile Materials Using Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope", Fibres and Textiles in Eastern Europe, 2004,12,79. [Joint Author]

"Oil Removal from Used Sorbents Using a Biosurfactant", Bioresource Technology, 2005,96,331. [Joint Author]

"Processing, Structure and Mechanical Properties of As-Spun Polypropylene Filaments - a Systematic Approach Using Factorial Design and Statistical Analysis", Journal of Applied Polymer Science, accepted for publication, 2005,96,144. [Joint Author]

"Drawability of As-spun Polypropylene Fibres", International Polymer Processing, 2005,20,55. [Joint Author]

"Functional Nanostructures Generated by Plasma-Enhanced Modifications of the Fibre Surface", Journal of Materials Science, 2005,40,5387 [Joint Author] – taken from a presentation at the Polymer Fibres 2004 Conference, Manchester, 2004.

"Gas Plasma Treatments of Polypropylene Tape", Journal of Materials Science, 2005,40,5373 [Joint Author] - taken from a presentation at the Polymer Fibres 2004 Conference, Manchester, 2004.

"Comparison of the Performance of Selected Powder and Masterbatch Pigments on Mechanical Properties of Mass Coloured Polypropylene Filaments", Coloration Technology, 2006,122,282.


Workshop and Conference Presentations

"The Influence of Processing Parameters on the Properties of Polypropylene Fibres: a Factorial Design Approach", Polymer Fibres 2002 Conference, Manchester, UK, July 2002. [Joint Author]

"The Application of Advanced Microscopy Techniques to Characterise Polypropylene Filaments", Fiber Society 2003 Symposium, Loughborough, UK, June/July 2003. [Joint Author]

"The Effect of Ammonia and Sulphur Dioxide Gas Plasma Treatments on Polymer Surfaces", MEDTEX 2003 Conference, Bolton, UK, July 2003.

"Effects of Gas Plasma Treatments of Textiles on their Technological and Aesthetic Properties", International Design and Engineering Conference (INTEDEC), Edinburgh, UK, September 2003. [Joint Author]

"Fibre Science and Processing", workshop on Smart Textiles (funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council), Dana Centre, Science Museum, London, June, 2004.

"Dynamic Studies of Polypropylene Nonwovens", AUTEX 2004 Conference, Roubaix, France, June 2004. [Joint Author]

"Advanced Fibres: the Building Blocks of Technical Textiles", Technical Textiles Industry Briefing Course for trade and investment commercial officers at UK embassies and consulates, Warrington, UK, February 2005.

"Medical and Healthcare Textiles", two presentations for a capacity building programme for textile companies in Yorkshire, Huddersfield, UK, February 2005.

"Tailoring Synthetic Fibres: the Example of Polypropylene", seminar at Leeds University, November 2005.

"Medical Applications of Polymer Textile Fibres", Medical Polymers 2006 Conference, Cologne, Germany, June 2006.

"Preparation and Characterization of Titanium Dioxide Nanocomposite Fibres", Polymer Fibres 2006 Conference, Manchester, July 2006. [Joint Author]

Presentation about Power Textiles Limited at a Business Forum, held in Peebles, Scotland, UK, February 2007.

"Solar Cells - Expanding Photovoltaic Horizons", presentation at Southern Yangtze University, P.R. China, March 2007.

"Technical Textiles - Inventiveness and Innovation", presentation at Jiaxing University, P.R. China, March 2007.


Book Chapters

"Polyolefin Fibres", in Synthetic Fibres, ed. J.E. McIntyre, Woodhead Publishing, Cambridge, 2004.

"Solar Textiles: Production and Distribution of Electricity Coming from Solar Radiation", in Intelligent Textiles and Clothing, ed. H.R. Matilla, Woodhead Publishing, Cambridge, 2006, Chapter 12. [Joint author]

"Characterisation of Plasma Treated Textiles", in Plasma Technologies for Textiles, ed. R. Shishoo, Woodhead Publishing, Cambridge, 2007, Chapter 12. [Joint author]

"Chemical Properties of Polyolefin Fibres", in Polyolefin Fibres: Industrial and Medical Applications, ed. S. Ugbolue, Woodhead Publishing, Cambridge, to be published in 2007, Chapter 2.


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