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Mather Technology Solutions helps companies in the textiles, polymer, coloration and associated industries to find solutions relating to a wide range of technological issues.

Mather Technology Solutions specialises in industrial, biomedical and other technical textiles, and has particular expertise in the application of colour.

In January 2007, the business was awarded SMART:SCOTLAND funding from the Scottish Executive, to develop the integration of solar panels on textile fabrics. For this purpose, a limited company, Power Textiles Limited, was launched.

SMART awards, 2007, group shotSMART awards, 2007, Robert Mather receiving award

Under the direction of Robert Mather, an academic with many years' experience in industry, the business works mainly with small and medium-sized enterprises.

Our wealth of contacts in both the industrial and the academic world enable us to foster links between personnel in industry and academia, and even between counterparts in non-competing companies, and along supply chains. Please see the services section for details.

See case studies for more on Robert Mather's accomplishments in the field of industry.

To enquire about consultancy rates and services, please contact Robert Mather.

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